Mental Health Directory of Support Services for South Warwickshire

The South Warwickshire Mental Health Partnership, made up of professionals from the third and public sectors, aims to improve awareness of mental health support services in South Warwickshire. Each year the Partnership holds an annual event to bring organisations together to collaborate better around mental health.  This year the event was on the theme of ‘What’s working well with mental health’ with presentations from Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust, Springfield Mind, Together for mental wellbeing, and Alcester Town Council.  The event showcased the importance of the voluntary and community sector in providing early intervention services, peer support and creative partnerships with statutory agencies in order to prevent mental health crisis.  The important role of creativity, ecotherapy, laughter and healthy living was also emphasised.

Each year, at the annual event the partnership launches an updated version of a Mental Health Directory of support services which cover the county.

The Directory contains information supplied by organisations, groups and agencies that provide services which support people affected by mental health issues. It has proved to be an invaluable resource for organisations that signpost to mental health services.  You can access the Directory through the Warwickshire Voluntary and Community Action website at

In order to create a comprehensive directory, we have endeavoured to invite contributions from all relevant groups.  If you are part of an organisation which you think should be included in the Directory, please contact Gill Jones on 01926 477

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