The Sealey Family of Avon Dassett

The Local History group are indebted to Tony Hadland for sharing with us his mother’s memories of growing up in Avon Dassett in the interwar period. Winifride Mary Therese (Terry) Hadland (nee Sealey) was born in Avon Dassett in 1922 and died in Reading in 2017. Her father Harry Sealey was the chauffeur to Pauline Perry of Bitham Hall. In addition to two articles by Terry, Tony has also added some notes on the family. Tony has asked us to remind you that his mother’s memories were based on what she knew or believed at the time. In particular he now has more detailed and nuanced information on certain aspects, especially her great grandmother, who he has established was Indian.

Sealey Family Photographs

  • Bitham Hall (c. 1914)
  • Wedding Party, Bitham Hall, 8 May 1915
  • Bitham (Top) Lodge c. 1931 – Jo O’Boyle, Mildred Mary Sealey Senior and Junior
  • Mildred Mary Sealey and Charles c. 1918
  • Mildred Mary Sealey, March 1973