Parish Council

Avon Dassett Parish Council has five elected or co-opted councillors representing the village. The Clerk to the Parish Council is Joanne Jarman.

The District Councillors representing Avon Dassett are Councillor Natalie Gist and Councillor Nigel Rock. The County Councillor is Councillor Chris Mills.

More information on the Parish Council and its responsibilities may be found by following the links below or visiting their website.

The Parish Council

  • ensure that the street lighting  is maintained and pay for the electricity
  • manage the village playground regularly reviewing the equipment and fencing, arranging for an annual external review, ensuring that the grass is mown.
  • arrange and pay for the mowing of the green areas in the village including the playground, cemetery, village green and highway verges
  • alert the necessary local authority regarding issues relating to roads and drains
  • manage and maintain the cemetery in conjunction with the Cemetery Manager
  • arrange for the maintenance of the tubs that decorate the village
  • manage and arrange for maintenance of the Reading Room
  • will maintain the defibrillator and ensure that there are sufficient volunteers who can use this facility in the case of an emergency

To find information on any of these areas consult the parish council website, all other information is available on the community website.