Avon Dassett to Commemorate 75th Anniversary of VE Day, 8-10 May 2020

Plans are well underway for events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe on the weekend of 8-10 May 2020 along with towns and villages across the country. Councillor Darrell Muffitt is co-ordinating activities and more details will follow as the weekend gets closer.

Avon Dassett Local History group have started the research for their contribution and will be producing a commemorative ‘newspaper’ for every household in the village as well as an exhibition over the weekend of 8-10 May.

Following on from their successful WWI project that tracked a year in the life of the village from 1914-15, the newspaper will re-produce news from the village (and surrounding area) for WWII. It will draw on newspapers and archives such as the 1939 register, old photographs and parish council records. It will also include information on the two Avon Dassett men who died during the war (Pyers Worrall and James Kempley).

In addition, there will be a ‘roll of honour’ which will include information on what current villagers’ relatives did during the war with their names, service or occupation and relationship to current villager. This will help celebrate all current villagers’ connections with WWII as well as the past history of the village.

All are welcome to get involved in either the historical research or collecting information from current villagers. Please contact Sarah Richardson (drsarahrichardson@gmail.com) for further details.

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