Local Support to Quit Smoking

Swap to Stop is in Warwickshire!

If you are a smoker, aged over 18 and registered with a Warwickshire GP, you are entitled to 12-weeks of free 1-1 support from our qualified Stop Smoking practitioners, backed by the new government national stop smoking campaign which includes your own ‘Vape Quit Kit’.

What we offer

  • 12 weeks of one-to-one support
  • Help with managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products – Plus ‘Vape Quit Kits’ for over 18’s
  • Smoke Free App
  • Delivered by a specialist stop smoking practitioner
  • Delivered in your area – face to face or digital

Who we can help

  • People living in Warwickshire
  • Registered with a Warkwickshire GP
  • Aged 18+ for the Swap to Stop Scheme; or 12+ without the option of the swap to stop scheme

What do I do now?

  • Call 0333 005 0092
  • Or text QUIT to 60777
  • Or complete the self-referral form here

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