Get a Warm Welcome at Your Local Library

Warwickshire Libraries are gifting Warm Bags and Toiletry Bags, while stocks last, at our Warwickshire County Council run branches to help people impacted by cost-of-living increases.

This offer is in partnership with the Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme, funded by the Household Support Fund. 

People are encouraged to come into a Warwickshire Library branch where they will find the bags in a designated area, and they can just be collected for free. The Warm Bags and Toiletry Bags will be available from Monday 30 January.
The Warm Bag contains a blanket, hat, scarf, hot water bottle, and gloves.  
The toiletry bags are sub-divided into three offers:   

·         One toiletry bag containing female sanitary/period products.    

·         Hygiene products for children (containing toothpaste for 3-8 years, toothbrush for 6+ years, shampoo, and bubble bath).   

·         Hygiene products for adults (containing toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shower gel and soap).  

 Warwickshire Library branches are also functioning as Warm Hubs; this initiative is called  

‘Warm Welcome’.

The following link contains more information on the ‘Warm Welcome’ offer:  

To find out more about the work Warwickshire Libraries are doing to help people with the cost-of-living increases, please find details on the subject on the following Warwickshire Libraries blog:  

We also want to support our Warwickshire residents who could be experiencing some form of digital exclusion in everyday life. Digital exclusion comes in many forms and can have real-world impacts such as the ability to communicate with family members and friends, find work and develop career skills, find the best deals on everyday expenses, as well as feeling lonely and isolated from the digital world.

Visit our You Can Online’ website to find out more.  

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