Land South of Bitham Hall

Dear Residents

The recent Parish Plan identified that Avon Dassett’s natural beauty and unspoilt nature was overwhelmingly the main reason why people enjoyed living in the village. It also recorded that the main improvements that residents wanted were for increased amenities, for example, the most requested was for allotments followed by a dog walking field as well as improved play activities, wild areas and village orchard.

A once in a lifetime opportunity has arisen for the community to purchase land in the centre of the village which would ensure the survival of the natural landscape as well as providing many opportunities to increase village amenities. The land is currently regularly  used by the village for walking and exercising dogs, so therefore there is proven evidence of heavy usage.

A steering group has been established to take this forward. The Parish Council have designed a questionnaire which will help provide evidence and input from residents for any community purchase. A Parish Council meeting on 7th March was well attended and encouraged the Parish Council to assist in taking this forward. As the auction is time tabled to go ahead before the end of the month, there is very little time. The Parish Council and steering group are exploring ways in which they can gain more time.

Please complete the questionnaire that has been delivered to you and add your support to safeguard the village environment.

Many Thanks

Trevor Gill

Michael Blakeman

Liz Hirst

Phil Baxter

Darrell Muffitt


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