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Recent Local Crimes


Please see below a round up of local crimes as reported on Warwickshire Rural Watch:

  • Oxhill, 23 April, between 6 am and 11 am offenders stole a black Mitsubishi Shogun from a farm
  • Napton, 20/21 April, offenders broke into three outbuildings, nothing was stolen
  • Burton Dassett, 22/23 April, offenders broke into a workshop and stole a quad bike
  • Farnborough, 23-26 April, offenders forced security doors, it is not clear if anything was stolen


Dog Owners Take Note – Case of Alabama Rot Confirmed in Southam

Unfortunately there has been a case of Alabama Rot – an often fatal disease for dogs – confirmed in Southam.  Please see below guidance from the Dog’s Trust:

What are the symptoms?

  1. Skin lesions, ulcers and sores
  2. Lethargy, or a loss of energy
  3. Loss of appetite and not wanting to eat
  4. Vomiting

Tips to best prevent your dog from becoming unwell.

  1. When out walking, where possible stick to dry paths and keep your dog out of muddy or wet areas
  2. Wash any mud off your dog after walks and check them for lesions or wounds. If you see any, take your dog to the Vet to have a look, especially if they don’t seem to be healing
  3. If your dog starts to become unwell, or suddenly suffers from conditions such as lethargy or anorexia and begins to vomit, take them to your Vet immediately for their advice

Avon Dassett Community Website and General Data Protection Regulations

The EU has instigated new data protection regulations from May 2018. Please see our privacy policy below (also on homepage):

Avon Dassett Community website takes your privacy seriously. If you subscribe to the events update on the website your email address will only be used to forward you information on upcoming events and will not be passed to third parties. If you contact us with a query we will only use your email address to reply directly to your query or, in the event that we are unable to answer, to forward it to a relevant person who is able to reply.

The website holds no other information on individuals and all data is encrypted and backed up by Stratford District Council.

Mayor’s Community Weekend 20 June-1 July – Opportunities to host

Communities from across the West Midlands, including Coventry and Warwickshire, are being invited to host local events on the weekend of 30 June-1 July. They have the opportunity to bid for up to £500 from the National Lottery for their events – the deadline for applications is 16 April. The events could be a picnic in the park, a tea party, a sports day, a community football match, a mini party in the park etc.

The aim of the first Mayor’s Community Weekend is to bring communities together to celebrate the experiences they share. It’s a great opportunity for us to start having conversations about how health and social care might look in five to ten years’ time, as part of NHS70.

Community Circles Workshop – 8 May

This is a countywide event aimed at groups and organisations working with individuals who are on the edge of care – and who might need some additional support to make a change in their life.

The workshop will explain what “community circles” are and how these can be used to provide help to people who require some additional support. It will also explore how community circles could be taken forward with groups in Warwickshire.