Avon Dassett on Channel 4 News!

Avon Dassett featured in an interesting report on Channel 4 News on the policing of hunting, 20 years after the Hunting Act (2004).

The news item broadcast on 4 March 2024 by Alex Thomson highlighted a ‘secret’ protocol between the police and Warwickshire Hunt. In the meantime, it appears hunting continues, in contravention of the Act. Hounds were filmed chasing a fox and entering private property in the village and also impeding traffic (including ambulances) on main roads.

2 thoughts on “Avon Dassett on Channel 4 News!

  1. So Lizzie Sinden, joint Hunt Master, doesn’t think the public needs to know about the secret deal between the Hunt and the Police? Time those who care about blatant law breaking to join forces and say NO!

  2. Appalled at the WarwickshireHunt, Police and PCC – how do they get away with continual law breaking aided by police and PCC.
    I hope you vote for a different PCC in May and a different gov when the next election happens

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