Avon Dassett Digital Communications Survey

As a response to the 2022 parish plan a village communications strategy is being developed with the aim to simplify communications and ensure the needs of those who use the different channels are being met. The parish plan revealed that there is no ONE preferred method to receive information about news, events and groups/societies. This means that the communications strategy will continue to encourage multiple ways of reaching people (both online and on paper/in person methods).

Turning to online communication, there is a perceived willingness to rationalise existing websites to meet the needs of the parish council and the wider community. Thus a number of questionnaires are being circulated to understand the needs of people who use village websites and village social media to help us improve all forms of communication:

  • Leaders of village groups and societies are being contacted separately for specific feedback
  • Village residents are being circulated with a paper questionnaire and can request an online version
  • External users can request an online version of the questionnaire.

If you would like an online version of this questionnaire please email drsarahrichardson@gmail.com stating if you are a village or external user.


By completing questionnaires you are consenting for the information to be collated, retained and used by the parish council for the purposes of improving communications in the village

Sarah Richardson (project lead) and Avon Dassett Parish Council Projects Group

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