Jubilee Weekend Thanks!

A 1953 flag from the Coronation celebrations in Avon Dassett, proudly displayed for the Platinum Jubilee

A huge thank you to Avon Dassett for the amazing Jubilee celebrations.

Our best decorated winners, Marveen, Alex & James, Jilly &John, Carolyn & Doug were fantastic but our guest judge, Jude Farr had a hard job!

Sally led a brilliant singalong and the Robertson family triumphed in the film quiz.

On Friday, Deb created a vision in Vintage China for the free teas which raised over £140 for the queen’s canopy charity.

The treasure hunt, set by Sarah, had lots of enthusiastic entries with Dan, Claire, Freya and Finlay triumphing.

Bitham Hall hosted an amazing jubilee party.

And Avon Carrow aced the celebrations with an awesome sports and pudding afternoon.

Many thanks to all involved.

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