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Latest Rogue Traders and Scams from Trading Standards

NHS COVID Pass Fraud

Criminals are using the NHS COVID Pass as a way to target the public by convincing them to hand over money, financial details and personal information.

They are sending imitation text messages, emails and making phone calls pretending to be from the NHS, and offering fake vaccine certificates for sale online and through social media.

If you are contacted about your NHS COVID Pass:

  • Be alert to links and attachments in unexpected text messages or emails
  • Do not respond to requests for money, passwords or financial details
  • Challenge: Could it be fake?
  • Use the official NHS COVID Pass website:

The NHS COVID Pass is available to demonstrate your COVID-19 status either in a digital or paper format via the NHS App, the NHS website or by calling 119.

For information on how to get your free NHS COVID Pass, visit

What to do if you suspect you have been a victim of an NHS COVID Pass scam

If you receive a call and suspect it to be fraudulent, hang up. If you are suspicious about an email, forward it to If you are suspicious about a text message, forward it to the number 7726, which is free-of-charge.

If you believe you are the victim of a fraud, please report this to Action Fraud as soon as possible by visiting or calling 0300 123 2040.

If you have any information relating to NHS COVID Pass or vaccine certificate fraud you can stay 100% anonymous by contacting Crimestoppers online at or phone on 0800 587 5030.

National Cyber-Security Centre report a suspicious website tool

Many scammers operate fake websites, which will download viruses onto your computer or try to steal your passwords or other personal information. This is sometimes called ‘phishing’. You can now report a suspicious website to the National Cyber-Security Centre. By reporting, you can help us stop cyber criminals and protect others online:

Bogus Amazon callers

Warwickshire residents have reported a spike in bogus Amazon phone calls. The fraudsters claim that orders have been placed using the residents accounts, sometimes for items valued at hundreds of pounds! These bogus phone calls are attempts to steal Amazon account user names and passwords and other personal and financial information with a view to stealing money.

Never provide any personal or financial information to cold callers. If you think there is a problem with one of your online accounts, type the address in to your web browser or use the app. Do not follow any links you may have been sent, they could take you to fake websites!

Beware offers to ‘buy’ your social media accounts

Young people are being targeted by fraudsters who offer thousands of pounds to buy their social media accounts. Unfortunately, those that agree to hand over their user names and passwords to the fraudsters never receive a penny, but their accounts are used to scam others.

Never divulge your user name or password.

Beware copycat driving licence websites

Young people are being scammed for hundreds of pounds after applying for their provisional driving licences via bogus copycat websites. To apply for or renew any Government documentation, always begin your search at GOV.UK:

More about copycat websites:

Gamers are scammed by bogus PS5 sellers

Warwickshire residents have reported being scammed out of hundreds of pounds after attempting to purchase hard-to-find PS5s. Supply problems have meant’ that there is currently a shortage of PS5s, leaving gamers to turn to private sellers on social media and Internet marketplaces. However, some have reported to Trading Standards paying for PS5s that are never delivered!

For advice in safe online shopping, visit Get Safe Online:

Reg Watts 1926-2021

We are very sorry to announce the death of Reg Watts (1926-2021) who passed away on the 11th September, peacefully in his sleep.

The funeral and wake will take place in the grounds of his home on 15th October from 12 noon.

Reg Watts at the launch of Avon Dassett Local History Group’s project on WW1 in 2018

Death of Ted Cooper (1937-2021)

We are sorry to announce the death of Edward (Ted) Cooper. He was the last Cooper living in Avon Dassett, who had also been born here, bringing to an end over 500 years of Cooper family history in the village.

Ted was born at 2, Lower End in 1937. He moved, with his parents, to Devonia, in the 1930s, where his family still live today.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership asks all road users to please #ShareTheSpace

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership is asking all road users to please #ShareTheSpace as part of a national NPCC campaign between 6 -19 September 2021 that aims to improve the safety of the increasing numbers of cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and motorcyclists using the county’s roads.

During the campaign Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership will be distributing hi vis tabards and other hi vis items carrying the ‘Let’s Share the Space’ branding and Community Speed Watch groups will also be active to monitor speeds in local communities as lower speeds help to reduce death and injury on our roads.

Since lockdown we have seen a huge increase in the number of walkers and cyclists and people generally using our roads for leisure and this looks set to continue. The Government has said that in 2020 the number of miles cycled on British roads increased by 45.7% to 5bn. 

Exercise is great for our mental and physical wellbeing and something we all want to encourage. However these road users need to feel safe and we are asking the public to be aware of these less protected road users and to give them more time and space in order to ensure their safety on our roads. 

When we look at national road casualty statistics, the number of pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and horse riders that are fatally injured is low.  However when we look at this per mile travelled more motorcyclists die on our roads each year than any other road user, followed by pedestrians and cyclists.   This really puts things into perspective.

Even during lockdown in 2020, when less people were using the roads, 2 (4 in 2019) cyclists, 3 (12 in 2019) bikers and 2 (8 in 2019) pedestrians lost their lives on Warwickshire’s roads.

Vehicle drivers looking out for vulnerable road users is only part of the picture however.  During the campaign we will also be offering advice to cyclists, walkers, horse riders and bikers on what they can do to help keep themselves safe on the roads.

This includes reporting and submitting digital footage showing potential moving traffic offences including dangerous driving around other road users, such as horse riders and cyclists to Warwickshire Police via Operation Snap

PS Shaun Bridle said “Pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and horse riders do not have a metal shell around them like a driver does sitting in a vehicle and even relatively minor contact can seriously injure them.  That’s why they need vehicles to ‘ShareTheSpace’ on the roads and pass pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders wide and slow.

“September is a peak month for motorcycle collisions and that’s why the campaign is happening now.  The campaign also coincides with children returning to school after the summer break.”

WRSP Chair and Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire, Philip Seccombe said “We are encouraging cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and bikers and all road users to take part in the current public consultation on the proposed road safety ‘Strategy to 2030’ as we need feedback from all road users.   We all benefit from making it easier for people to cycle, walk and ride not only because of the huge benefits to people’s health by staying fit, but active travel also helps road congestion, improves air quality and the environment so please look after other road users and ‘ShareTheSpace’.”

The public consultation on Warwickshire’s road safety ‘Strategy to 2030’ can be found on the WRSP website

WRSP also welcomes the publishing of the new version of The Highway Code in the autumn with a range of anticipated updates including a new hierarchy of road users that ensures road users who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger they may pose to others and strengthened pedestrian priority on pavements and when crossing or waiting to cross the road.  WRSP is also anticipating new guidance on safe passing distances and speeds and around ensuring that cyclists have priority at junctions when travelling straight ahead. 

Please follow and like us on Facebook @WarwickshireRoadSafety and on Twitter @WarksRoadSafety or search #SharetheSpace.   Please remember, we need your help to make our roads safer for everyone.