Escape Arts Dungeons & Dragons Society for 13-16 year olds

Are you 13-16 and looking for a creative outlet that explore imagination, adventure, team building and most importantly fun? Then welcome to Escape Arts Dungeon and Dragons Society!

Delve into a world of adventure, camaraderie and excitement! Rescue a town from a rampaging dragon, earn gold by saving a princess from an evil tyrant or simply enjoy a sharing few tales and laughs with fellow adventurers, the possibilities are limitless!

Create a character bespoke to you as we dive into a world catered for you by experienced players. New or experienced, we implore you to grab your shield and spell book and follow us into the unknown.

Proven to be beneficial towards individuality, inclusivity, Creativity and Mental Health Issues, EA are excited to welcome anyone and everyone 13-16 to our new programme, which is safe, mindful and entirely inclusive.

We launch Friday 23rd July with an introductory session followed by weekly session 4-7pm. If interested please contact us at or find us at our website or social medias.

Until then, keep battling on intrepid adventurers!

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