PPE for Unpaid Carers 


The Government guidance for carers has been updated. Informal unpaid carers can now access PPE from the local authority. Please see the guidance below which states:

“We are currently rolling out an offer of free PPE for COVID-19 needs to unpaid carers who do not live with the person or people they care for. This will be available until the end of June 2021, and will be available from local authorities (LAs) and local resilience forums (LRFs).”

Please let families know if they want to access PPE they can if they provide informal care to a family, neighbours or friends that they do not live with. To order please fill out or return this online form https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=BqqwiCdZu0uok4nMJxOsgnktloL_n6xMgdqxlItsyy9UOVlPRDFMTEQ2M1RZQUUzVUpERjNNUjBVOSQlQCN0PWcu or email cv19ppe@warwickshire.gov.uk 


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