Avon Dassett Couple Appeal to Boris to Keep their Conservatory

Lesley and Martin Kipling, who recently had their appeal dismissed by Stratford District Council after seeking retrospective planning permission for a small conservatory, have appealed to the Prime Minister, the Housing Minister and the heir to the throne in an effort to keep it.

For the full story in the Coventry Telegraph see here: https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/warwickshire-couple-appeal-royal-pardon-19939608.amp

2 thoughts on “Avon Dassett Couple Appeal to Boris to Keep their Conservatory

  1. Well what sort of a world we live in,for Stratford Planning to compare Avon Carrow (18th cent hunting lodge) to our national monuments beggers belief.
    What we have here is a free standing structure sitting on the existing garden slabs and to stop it blowing away secured to the building with four screws, it cannot be seen from any angle on the footprint of the building.
    So what is the bottom line here, the couple have said they will take it down when they leave, they are not in the best of health and the stress of this is not helping, the majority of the residents of the Carrow support the application (pity some more of the the village did not).

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