Avon Dassett Coronavirus Support Group Community Equipment

Warwickshire County Council are requesting  that any unused community medical equipment be returned. For full details including drop-off points, please see: https://www.avondassett.com/2021/02/05/community-equipment-needed-drop-off-at-fenny-compton-fire-station/ The nearest drop-off point to Avon Dassett is Fenny Compton Fire Station.

However, if residents would like to drop off any equipment they wish to return to The Thatches, Avon Dassett the Parish Council Covid Support Group will arrange for items to be delivered to a local drop off point.

However, if you have any equipment you would like to return but are unable to or are uncomfortable with dropping it off at The Thatches, please contact the Covid Support Group helpline on 07860 702749 or by email at covid19@avondassettparishcouncil.com and they will arrange for collection.

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