Online teaching activities in Avon Dassett

There are a number of trained teachers in Avon Dassett who will be happy to help entertain/educate children who are having to stay at home and are off school. We realise this service may not be needed immediately but please bear us in mind over the coming weeks and months.

We can offer

  • Individual/group one to one sessions online
  • Online video/audio/written resources
  • Quizzes and challenges
  • Virtual book clubs
  • Online story time

At the moment we have expertise in English, Maths, all Science subjects, History, and Music and for all ages from pre-school to 18.

Parents are also getting in touch offering to share resources (books, toys, games etc). Again if you are interested get in touch (details below).

In the meantime, this is an excellent article for parents facing ‘home-schooling’:

If you are a teacher who would like to offer help, or a parent needing some support with your children, please email:


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