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Our support group is getting up and running. We are delighted with the number of responses from people who are offering to help where they can, and with the community spirit everyone is showing. An initial email has been sent to the volunteers, so if you have volunteered and have not heard from us, apologies. Please let us know and we will make sure you are added going forward.

To date, there have been few requests for help but this is certain to rise as time progresses. The main thing that people have said they might need help with is in collecting prescriptions and we are currently in touch with the surgery at Fenny Compton to sort out how we can best arrange this.  If needed, we will also contact other surgeries.

We have a few properties where people are self-isolating for various reasons. They are generally managing with the help of family and friends, but the offer of support is there for them.

As a start, we are setting up a volunteers Whatsapp group to circulate any requests for help so that one of the volunteers can pick it up.   This seems to be working well in a nearby village, so we will see how it goes and change things as we need to. There are a few volunteers who do not use Whatsapp, and we will find a way to take them up on their offers of assistance.

For any requests for help, or for any other questions or comments, please continue to contact the helpline number (07860 702 749) and the covid19@avondassettparishcouncil.com email address. Or complete the contact form on the Coronavirus page at www.avondassettparishcouncil.com/coronavirus/. Please share these contact details with your family if you feel this is appropriate.

We will try to provide regular updates on what we are doing. We know that there are some people who do not subscribe to the Parish Council email alerts or who do not use email. So, please feel free to share the contents of this email with anyone you know is in this category. Please also encourage people to sign up for these emails by visiting the Parish Council website.

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  1. Hi as of today I will be isolated for 12 weeks all keep safe see you on the other side
    Your posty. Steve x

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