Avon Dassett Soap Box Derby Raises Over £1400!

Avon Dassett Soap Box Derby took place on 22 June 2019. There were a record number of entries in both junior and senior classes. The senior races saw the return of the head-to-head racing with a number of close finishes. The race raised £777.32 for Zoe’s Baby Place Hospice in Coventry, £500 for Fenny Compton Explorers, and £200 for Fenny Compton Church Roof Fund. All costs were covered by entry fees, sponsorship and grants with all donations from the public going directly to the charities and local groups.

Junior Winners

  1. Megan Taplin, BDS Bullet (Avon Dassett)
  2. Jamie Welford, Red Lion Racing (Northend)
  3. Frank Whatcott, Jim Clark Special (Bishops Itchington)

Senior Lead Driver Winners

  1. Richard Burton, Acceleramus (London)
  2. Ben Gascoigne, Project Nein (Coventry)
  3. Phil Baxter, BDS Bullet (Avon Dassett)

Senior Second Driver Winners

  1. Gareth Woolford, Project Nein (Coventry)
  2. Ben Weir, BDS Bullet (Avon Dassett)
  3. Andy Whyman, Red Lion Racing (Northend)

Summary of Accounts


  • Driver Entry Fees: £815
  • Sponsorship/Donations: £2,312.50
  • Bucket Collection: £482.32
  • Raffle at Yew Tree Pub: £300
  • Yew Tree Donation: £150
  • Stratford District Council Grant (towards toilets): £300

Total: £4359.82


  • CJ Events (marshalling and road closure): £1168.50
  • Dassett Charities (Car Park): £500
  • Programme/Marketing: £239
  • Paramedics: £100
  • Merchandise/Medals: £95
  • Toilets: £780

Total: £2882.50

Funds Raised for Charity and Local Groups

  • Zoe’s Baby Place Hospice, Coventry: £777.32
  • Fenny Compton Explorers: £500
  • Fenny Compton Church Roof: £200

Total: £1,477.32


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