Dassett Country Show Raises over £4000 for Charity and Local Groups

£4,127 was raised by this year’s Dassett Country Show. £2,063.50 is split 50/50% between McMillan Cancer Support and Helen and Douglas House. The remainder is available for local projects and groups and village events.

Applications were received from the following organisations and the donations noted below were discussed:

  • Fenny Compton Scouts to help with the cost of buying and replacing
    equipment for the growing troupe – £600
  • The Explorers to help the with the cost of replacing tents in support of The Duke of Edinburgh Awards – £250
  • Fenny Compton Church towards the cost of repairs following the theft of lead from the church roof – £600
  • Avon Dassett Gardening club for speakers – £250
  • Avon Dassett Charities to replace the fete field gate posts – £200

Total £1,900 with £400 in reserve.

Full details maybe found in the minutes: https://www.avondassett.com/clubs-groups/dassett-country-show/dassett-country-show-minutes/

Next year’s show will be on 3rd August 2019.

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