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Everyone Remembered

In 2014, we at The Royal British Legion were inspired by the words of a school child visiting a war cemetery in Belgium, she wrote to us and said “I know that not everyone can be remembered as individuals, but I felt it was a shame for some people to have dozens of poppies and crosses while others had no one left to remember them.”

Everyone Remembered is that place, where all 1.1million Commonwealth Service men and women who fell during World War One will be individually remembered, including any who died from war related injuries up to two years after the conflict ended.

You can leave your own unique commemoration on our website to one of the fallen. Individuals like Private John Edward Thompson, who died on 15th September 1914 aged just 18 years old: Private Charles Saxby Davies of the Canadian Infantry who fell aged 23; or Rifleman Bal Sing Gurung of the Gurkha 4th Rifles whose age remains unknown.

You can remember a family member, someone from your local area or any of the many still left to be remembered. You’ll be helping us create a lasting legacy and ensure that none who fell are forgotten. It only takes a minute to create a lasting legacy, by visiting:

Removal of Chaperones on School Buses

All children in Avon Dassett use a bus to get to their primary school in Fenny Compton. Warwickshire Country Council has made the decision to remove all chaperones (apart from children with recognised needs) from the buses to save costs.

The overall saving is not insignificant at £114,000 a year across all of the Warwickshire County Council school buses. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that despite information to councillors to the contrary the Council has not undertaken any risk or safety assessment of this decision.

Parents in are extremely worried and feel the safety of their children, particularly the very young four and five year olds, are being put at risk, without any safety assessment.

Bus drivers are also worried about having to drive up to 30 children without any adult supervision.    We all know the risks that could happen.

The decision will affect all young children that have to travel to school throughout the County. A group of parents have set up a petition on the Warwickshire County Council website to ask the Council to reconsider this decision.

The link to the petition is

Soapbox Derby 2019

Avon Dassett Soapbox Derby will be back in 2019! The date is now confirmed as 22 June.

Entries will open at the end of February. In the meantime please visit the Soapbox Derby stall in the vintage/classic car display at the Dassett Country Show on Saturday 4th August from 12-5 pm.