Local Crime Roundup

Bishops Itchington

Between 1055 and 1300 on 12 June offenders broke into a home on Knightcite Road, Bishops Itchington. The offenders smashed the lock off the rear door of the house and entered the premises. It is not clear if anything was stolen.


At some point before 1115 on 13 June, offenders travelled across fields to access the grounds of a rural home in Camp Lane, Warmington. They then stole a Laporte pigeon trap which they attempted to carry back over fields to a waiting vehicle but abandoned the item in a field and made off.


At some point between 8 and 16 June, offenders entered the grounds of a farm premises in Farnborough and cut the padlocks off two farm buildings. Once inside the offenders stole a small quantity of hand tools, crowbars and hammers.

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