Village Communications Meeting

There will be a meeting on Village communications on 16 April at 7.30 pm in the Reading Room. All are welcome.

As you may have seen in the Compton Chronicle, and/ or the minutes of the Parish Council, there is a proposal to discuss village communications in order to ensure the right information is reaching everyone in the village in the most efficient manner. Councillor Darrell Muffitt (Parish Council) and Dr Sarah Richardson (Community Website) who are co-ordinating efforts are keen that the discussions should be as inclusive as possible and that all Village groups should have a say.

Communications have not been looked at in depth since the Parish Plan which was completed a decade ago, in 2008. Obviously, there have been many changes in the population of the Village and modes of communication, since then. The communications media that are currently in use covers the spectrum from paper, eg paper surveys, noticeboards, Compton Chronicle etc, to on-line media, including web sites, Facebook and Twitter. We want to identify improvements and efficiencies that we could make, to better serve the communities that we represent.

The meeting is open to any interested parties to contribute and we will be gathering views by other means as well. We hope you will be able to attend – but if you are unable to come or send a substitute and have ideas or comments, please do forward them to us.

Darrell and Sarah

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