Community Oil Buying Syndicate

Warwickshire Rural Community Council has run a community oil buying syndicate since October 2012. Together they’ve ordered nearly 3.5 million litres and saved £179,000 on behalf of members (against average prices quoted at the time of order).

From 2nd September 2017 they are introducing a FREE WRCC Energy membership scheme.  Customers can still order monthly and the more people who join, the more savings they can negotiate as a syndicate.

“We’re delighted to offer free membership to our loyal customers as well as new members”, said Kim Slater, WRCC’s Chief Executive.  “From now on it won’t cost a penny for you to save pounds, and we expect there to be lots of interest in our new scheme.”

WRCC’s order deadlines are the first working day of each month.  For more information, please call 01789 472619 or visit


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