Engage Festival for the Over 50s

The Engage festival will kick off on 30th Sept with an information fair at King Edward School, Stratford.  Over the next week there will be various events & activities, some being one off events organised specifically for the festival and others will be activities that happen regularly.  The idea is to give people lots of info and ideas about activities they can get involved in as well as the various support organisations & relevant businesses that are out there for older people to access when they need to.  We’re aiming to prevent people become socially isolated and encourage people to get involved in something in their community.  The festival will take place mainly in Stratford on Avon but with events happening across the district.

If Avon Dassett would like to get involved in the festival by hosting an event – an afternoon tea, a watercolour class, a board game afternoon or something even better – please do get in touch.  Creative, interesting, innovative ideas may receive financial support.

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