Results of the Red Horse District Ward By-Election


Four candidates contested the Red Horse District by-election on Thursday 9 March.

The result is:

John Henry Christopher Feilding (Conservative)             –        476 Elected          

Edward Leslie Fila (UKIP)                                             –               92

Pat Hotson (Green Party)                                              –               58

Philip Peter John Vial   (Liberal Democrat)                       –               266


The electorate for the Red Horse District ward is     2661

Turnout for this election was 33.63%

2 rejected ballot papers

Total: 894

The By-election was called due to the resignation of District Councillor Bart Dalla Mura

New Composition of District Council

Following the by-election the Council make up is:

Conservatives – 30 seats

Liberal Democrats – 4 seats

Labour – 1 seat

Independent – 1 seat
36 seats in total

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