Healthwatch Warwickshire Mental Health Report Published

mental health

Healthwatch Warwickshire is launching a call for evidence report on Mental Health Services in Warwickshire.

They interviewed a small group of users and carers and asked them for their experiences. They wanted to know how they managed their condition, and the importance of having a diagnosis.

The full report can be downloaded from their website:

Key Recommendations

  • Diagnosis – for those referred or presenting themselves at the single point of entry there needs to be a clearer explanation of the triage process and what can be expected.
  • Talking and holistic therapies – Respondents were clear that they would all benefit with counselling or other therapies yet these had to be sourced independently.
  • Treatment plans – There was a lack of understanding about treatment plans.
  • Discharge and follow up – Respondents were also confused about ‘what happens now’ when they come to the end of their treatment schedule.
  • Better service coordination – there appears to be poor coordination between mental health services and GP’s.
  • Carers – Carers feel excluded yet have much to contribute.

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