Agenda for the Planning Committee to hear Application for Change of Use of The Avon


The Agenda for the Planning meeting to hear the application for the change of use of The Avon is here. The meeting will take place on 14 September at Kineton High School at 6pm.

There are strict requirements regarding the meeting and who can speak. See information from Stratford District Council below:

Please note that this is not an open forum; it is a meeting of the Councils Planning Committee at which the public is welcome to watch and listen. Questions cannot be taken from the audience and only those who have already registered to speak will be allowed to do so. It is requested that the audience respects the Committee and allows the meeting to progress in accordance with the procedure described below and without interruption. The Chairman will introduce the application which will then be supported by an officer presentation. These will be commensurate with the scale and complexity of the proposal and the level of public interest.

The names of those people who have registered to speak on the application will be called in the following order:

1. Town or Parish Councils; (3 Minutes)

2. any objectors; (3 or 6 minutes)

3. the applicant, their agent, or any supporters (3 or 6 minutes).

If speakers are registered in all three categories, in the interests of fairness time limits will be increased for either the objectors or supporters depending on whether the Parish Council opposes or supports the application. For example where the Parish Council speaks in opposition to the application and objectors are also registered to speak, the Parish Council representative could speak for 3 minutes and the objectors could speak for 3 minutes, therefore to ensure an equality the applicant or supporters would be entitled to 6 minutes.

After each speaker has finished, the Chairman will ask if the Committee has any questions to put to them. Ward Members may then be entitled to address the Committee for up to 5 minutes in accordance with Committee Procedure Rule 11.2. Committee Members will then have the opportunity to ask for further information or clarification following which the debate will be opened up to the Committee. The Planning Officer will be asked to comment if necessary. Finally, the Committee will be asked to take a decision on the application, and this will take the form of a motion from a Councillor to GRANT or REFUSE.

If you WISH TO SPEAK AT THIS MEETING, you MUST register with the committee managers by 2.00 p.m. the day before the meeting.

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TELEPHONE: 01789 260245

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