Update Your Details on the Electoral Register NOW!

Electoral Registration advert CIS 93mmx135mm MAY16
The District Council has to compile the electoral register from scratch each year. This week, they have sent out more than 56,000 Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs), one to each property in the district. The forms have pre-printed information on them of persons at each property who are on the system as being registered to vote.
Householders need to return the forms with any changes clearly highlighted. For households where there are no changes, the District Council need to know, so residents should respond by text, phone, website or by just returning the form saying “no changes”. Details of how to respond are on each form.
If there are changes e.g. new people have moved into the property, once the HEF is sent back the Council will sent each of the new people a separate form for them to register individually (they can also do this on-line).

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