Soap Box Derby Cancelled for 2016

Colin Smith in Soup Can Soap Box

The hill in Avon Dassett is both steep and demanding and the spring in the road just before the church bends has erupted worse than it has done in previous years, so much so that the water is now down to the last corner before the finish straight.

Stratford council have had numerous attempts at solving the problem but it is getting worse and they say it will take a lot of time to repair and cannot give a date before June for them to attempt to repair it, so in the interests of safety there will be no race this year.

4 thoughts on “Soap Box Derby Cancelled for 2016

  1. that’s such a shame as I am a voluntary mechanic there keeping the soapbox racers cars on the track for them to have their enjoyment on the day and cancelling such a great event is just such a shame it really is I really enjoy attending this event to help the soapbox racers enjoy the day as well as I do myself and I enjoy talking to the safety staff there at this event too and cancelling it is a real shame especially when it is a charity event too

      1. hi there its mr francis contacting you again to find out if you will be racing again in 2017 as im you voluntary mechanic there at the avon dassett soapbox race as I have been attending this for nearly 6 years now and very much enjoy attending tis event would you be able to contact me on 07502760299 please to let me know if there will be any soapbox racing at avon dassett this year please many thanks from mr john francis

  2. would you be able to keep me updated with anymore news about the 2017 soapbox derby at avon dassett please as I have been attending this event for nearly 6 years now and find it very enjoyable as I always have done aver the last 6 years or so that I have been attending and as im now an intrigal part of the race team it inspires me even more to attend a great event such as this one the avon dasset soapbox derby and I hope to attend this event for many more years to come, and hope to see you all again soon from mr francis at 22 bellenger way kidlington Oxfordshire ox5 1tr please keep me update please many thanks once again

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