Farnborough Rural District Council

Mr Ridley Brown occupied the chair at the meeting on Thursday, and there were also present: The Rev. J. Howell. and Messrs. R. H. A. Holbech, W. B. Jarvis, A. Spencer, A. Fairfax (clerk), G. Elkington (surveyor), and N. H. Dawson (inspector).

The Farnborough Water Supply

The Clerk read the minutes of a special meeting held at his office at which is was agreed that Mr Holbech be asked to clean out the well at Farnborough again, and that the Inspector inform the tenant that the water must not be used in the meantime. At the same meeting it was agreed that Dr W. F. Walker be appointed deputy medical officer for the Council during the absence on Dr Johns on army service.

Mr Holbech said the well at Farnborough had been cleaned out, and the inspect had been over and seen it and agreed with what had been done. They had put in bricks in cement some distance down the well, and he thought the whole of the work would be finished that day. He hoped that the water would be satisfactory now. There would be another analysis taken after a good deal of the water had been pumped out.

Maternity Matters

The Clerk read a circular from the Local Government Board with reference to grants to maternity centres, and schools for mothers and remarked that the matter did not affect them at present.


The Clerk said the balance in hand was £240 4s 8d and since the last meeting £48 4s 8d had been received.

The Rev. J. Howell asked what was the position of the Radway drainage matter now?

The Chairman – the plans were presented to the Council this month.

Mr A. Spencer – They were presented a month ago and everything is in order to proceed with the work when the war is over.

The Clerk said that the plans were presented on the 17th June, and it was decided that nothing should be done in consequence of the war. It would cost something like £300.

Mr Spencer – Everything is ready for starting when necessity presses us. It was postponed on account of the war.

The Surveyor reminded Mr Holbech that the proposed catchpit at Farnborough had not been done.

Mr Holbech said it had not been done on account of haymaking, and assured the surveyor that it would be seen to.

The Inspector reported what had been done in various matters which he had reported at the last meeting.

Banbury Guardian, July 1915

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