Private William Gardner, Killed in Action

Mrs Gardner of Fenny Compton, has received a notification from the War Office stating that her husband, Private William Gardner, was killed in action on June 8th. Private Gardner was a son of the late Mr Thomas Gardner and Mrs Gardner of Priors Hardwick, and was thirty seven years of age. He enlisted in the first Battalion of the Royal Warwicks on January 10th, and went to the front a fortnight before his death. He leaves a widow and one child.

Banbury Guardian, July 1915

2 thoughts on “Private William Gardner, Killed in Action”

  1. William Gardner’s wife gave birth to a daughter, Ena May, on 11 September 1915. She appears to have returned to Fenny Compton to live with her father after William enlisted.
    William Gardner’s name does not appear on the War Memorials in Fenny Compton. I suspect this is due to the fact that Jane Ann Gardner had illegitimate sons in 1919 & 1921.

    1. Many thanks for the extra information.
      Perhaps Fenny Compton will rectify this one hundred years on.

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