HM Transport Wayfarer

The following is a list of officers, NCOs and men who returned to HM Transport Wayfarer (after it was torpedoed) in order to save 763 horses on April 11th, last: Lt-Col R. Airth-Richardson, DL (Warwickshire Yeomanry), Officer Commanding; Lt H. R. Yorke ((Warwickshire Yeomanry); Veterinary Lt R. B. Palmer (A.V.C. attached); 1468 Sgt E. J. Cox; 2262 Farrier-Sgt J. W. Jones; 1591 Farrier-Sgt J. Newman; 2241 L-Corpl B. Hough; 2201 Pte J. Dixon; 2204 Pte F. Farndon; 2200 Pte H. H. Daulman; 2185 Pte T. Warner; 1722 Pte G. Briddles; 1737 Pte J. E. Pearson; 2380 Pte E. G. Trenfield; 2298 Pte A. Woodward; 1181 Pte J. J. H. Spencer; 2190 Pte A. J. Bowen; 2184 Pte J. A. Wilkes; 2119 Pte H. M. Young; 2729 Pte C. H. Colley; 2361 Pte A. J. Bennett (all of the Warwickshire Yeomanry). Capt R. Lakin was put in command of troops on SS Framfield which towed SS Wayfarer. Second Lt R. F. Gooch was put in command of troops taken to Falmouth on SS Newlyn.

SS Wayfarer
SS Wayfarer

Banbury Guardian, July 1915

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