Damage done by Storms

During the week considerable damage has been done by the storms passing over the neighbourhood. During the thunderstorm on Wednesday week a beast was struck by lightning on Mr T. A. Madge’s farm at Chapel Ascott, Southam, and killed, and another one was killed on Mr Charles Bishop’s farm at Whichford. On Tuesday night two lambs were killed on Mr Harold Tustain’s at Ell’s Farm, Bloxham Road. All were insured in the County Fire Office.

During the storm which visited Deddington on Sunday five sheep belonging to Mr John Palmer of Hazel Lodge Farm, were killed by lightning. There was a tropical downpour of rain mixed with hail. A fine old elm tree near Blue Barn Farm at Dun’s Tew, was struck by lightning in a storm which occurred in the previous week.

During the storm which visited Brackley and district on Sunday afternoon, a cottage occupied by a shepherd named Carpenter, employed by Mr W. J. Boddington on Halse, about two miles from Brackley, was struck by lightning. The chimney was destroyed and also a hole made in the roof and through the ceiling of one of the bedrooms, but luckily none of the occupants of the house were hurt, although they were sitting in the kitchen near to the fireplace of the chimney which was struck. A two gallon jar which was standing on the floor in the pantry was struck, the bottom of the jar being cut clean off.

The following casualties are reported from Sunday’s storm in addition to the above: A. E. F. Waller, Heyford, a horse killed; S. Gibbs of Hook Norton, a beast; and Mr A. H. Boddington of Farnborough, a foal. The losses in these cases were covered by insurance with Messrs J. W. Prescott and Son, through the Commerical Union Assurance Company.

Banbury Guardian, July 1915

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