The Warwickshire Hunt: Hound Show at Kennels

The second puppy show of the Warwickshire Hunt was held quietly at the Kennels on Saturday. There was an entry of 23½ excellent couples and the judges were Mr Fort, master of the Meynell; the Hon. Alex Parker, ex-master of the North Warwickshire. Welsh who is now huntsman, showed the hounds on the flags in the best possible manner. The judges made their awards as follows:

Dogs: 1st prize, Dividend walked by Miss Heath Stubbs, Manor House, Butler’s Marston; 2nd, Hercules, walked by Mrs Gaskell, Diana House, Kineton; 3rd, Celtic, walked by Mr Valentine Snitterfield.

Bitches: 1st, Cora, walked by Lord Willoughby de Broke; 2nd, Drapery walked by Mr E. Elkington; 3rd, Twinkle, walked by Mr Tomlin, of Red House, Lighthorne.

Among those present beside the Right Hon. Lord Willoughby de Broke and Mr Fielden (joint-masters) were Lady Willoughby de Broke, Lord North, Hon. Mabel Verney, Hon. Mrs Walter Verney, Mrs and Miss Joan Fielden, Mr and Mrs Sumner, Dr Oldmeadow, Mr Clarke, Mr, Mrs and Miss Charteris, Idlicote, Miss Hardy, Mr J Lowe (Ettington), Miss Heath Stubbs, Mr E. Knott (Fenny Compton), Miss Fairbrother (who represented her father who was unable to be present), Mr Lea, Mr T. Taylor (Burton Dassett), Mr Kendall (Wellesbourne), Mr Spencer (Oxhill), Mr Hulme (Wormleighton), Mr Tilley (Walton), Mr E. Gardner (Burton Dassett), Mr Wilks (Tredington), Messrs C., E. and W. Griffin, Mr W. E. Coles etc.

After the judging Mr Fielden announced that the prizes would be given away on the lawns of Kineton House, to which the company then repaired, the usual luncheon being abandoned this year. Mr and Mrs Fielden entertained the company to tea in the drawing room. Lord Willoughby, in a brief speech, said he thought they had splendid judges this year, in fact, the very best, because they had given him the first prize, and he had walked many puppies before and never had a prize. He was proud of it, and would be pleased to present the cup to Mr Elkington of Warmington, as he came second with Drapery.

Banbury Guardian, July 1915

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