Motor Collision in the Market Place

On Thursday morning a somewhat serious motor collision occurred near the old Metropolitan Bank at the bottom of the Market Place. Mr W. G. Waldron’s car from Farnborough was proceeding down the Market Place to catch the 8.35 train for London, and just at the same time Mr Millar, manager for the firm of P. J. Perry, seedsmen and florists, was crossing from the High Street to Castle Street at right angles across by the Fox Tenure and a collision ensued. The car was turned on to the path by the old bank premises and Mr Millar and his motor cycle got jammed between the car and a lamp post. Miss Reeves, Mr Millar’s sister-in-law, who was seated on the rear of the cycle got clear and uninjured but Mr Millar sustained a cut at the back of the head and a somewhat badly bruised left shoulder and ankle. He was taken into the Fox Inn and afterwards removed to the Horton Infirmary where he is progressing as favourably as can be expected. The injury to the should is, we understand, somewhat severe.

Banbury Guardian, July 1915

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