Farnborough – How Invasion was to be Resisted 130 Years Ago

The Warmington detachment of the Volunteer Training Corps, under the Commandant, Mr H. F. Bennett, on the invitation of Mrs Holbech, recently had a drill at the Grange, Farnborough. In welcoming the Corps, Mrs Holbech thanked the men for drilling, in the case of necessity, after their hard day’s work. She stated that, in looking through some family papers, she found a document, one hundred and thirty years old, dealing with “Farnborough in the case of invasion”. This stated that in the event of invasion, Mr William Holbech was to be on horseback with a certain number of men with pistols; further men were to be ready on horseback with lockflints, and others were to be armed with pitchforks. Mr Bennett thanked Mrs Holbech for her kind remarks with reference to the Corps. Refreshments were provided on the lawn.

Banbury Guardian, July 1915

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