Petty Sessions – Kineton

Petty Sessions – yesterday (Wednesday)

(Before Mr. Andrew Motion in the chair; Mr. Edward Parke, Mr. W.J. Weld, Mr. V. Mills and Mr. R. Lean.)

NO LIGHT – Robert Ridley Brown, farmer, Radway, was fined 1s. for driving a horse and cart in Banbury Road, Ratley, without a light at 8.35 p.m. on the 27th April.

OBSCURED IDENTIFICATION PLATE – Dorothy A. Hazelwood, 18 Westminster Road, Coventry, was fined 10s. for driving a motor cycle on Banbury Road, Radway on the 25th April and allowing the identification plate to become obscured.

NO LICENCE – Edward Elkington, farmer, Warmington was summoned for moving six swine from the premises of William Buller, Banbury to his premises at Warmington on the 3rd of May without a licence, and William Buller, farmer, Neithrop Grounds, Banbury, was summoned for allowing six swine to be moved from his premises at Banbury to the premises of Edward Elkington, without a licence on the 3rd of May. Defendants were fined 5s. each.

NO DOG LICENCE – John Walton, labourer, Pillerton was fined 2s. 6d. for keeping a dog without a licence at Pillerton Priors on May 1st.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915

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