Farnborough – Rogation Service

This year the ancient Custom of holding an out-door procession on Rogation days was revived. On Tuesday May 11th, a considerable congregation assembled at Church at 6.30 p.m. A procession was formed, with the cross-bearer, choir, and Vicar, in surplices, leading the way. A litany was sung as they walked slowly to the village green. Here a stand was made, and after the Vicar had explained the object of the service, prayers were offered for the deliverance of our land from evil, for God’s blessing upon the crops and flocks and herds, and for protection and victory for our forces. The procession passed on to the Mutton Hill, to the allotments, where further prayers were offered, and the service ended with the singing of the National Anthem and an evening hymn in the churchyard. A large number of parishioners took part in the procession.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915

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