Deaths of Warwickshire Hounds in the Field

On Friday, the Warwickshire Hounds met at Northend, and commenced to draw at Knowle End. They worked along the coverts on the hill-side as far as Sunrising. As the hounds were leaving for another covert, three of them dropped, and two of them died in about ten minutes, and the other was taken with them to the kennels. We understand that the third hound is still alive. The symptoms shown by the hounds pointed to strychnine poisoning, but the fact that the third hound having somewhat recovered somewhat disproves that theory. It appears that the hounds ate of the carcase of a sheep in an adjoining wood, but here again the symptoms were not such as would arise from ptomaine poisoning. The contents of the animal’s stomachs have been sent away for analysis.

Banbury Guardian, March 1915

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