Warmington Volunteer Training Corps

At the last committee meeting the secretary reported that in answer to his appeal for financial assistance for equipment for the corps, he had received the following cheques; the Misses Loveday (Arlescote) £4, Lady Stonehouse £1 1s 0d, Mrs Holbech £1 1s 0d, Mr R Holbech £1 1s 0d, Mr Waldron (Farnborough Hall) had promised £3. It was decided to leave the purchase of guns for outdoor work till the next meeting, also the ordering of dummy rifles. It was agreed to ask all members of the corps to shoot on the air rifle range at least once a week, and become members of the club. Mr H. A. Coles was elected Section Commander. The question of uniform was left to a later meeting.

Banbury Guardian, February 1915

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