Local Hunting Notes – The Warwickshire

The meet was at Bitham on Friday and Mr J Fielden was in command of the field. The first fox was found in Harbage’s. Hounds got a good start and ran fast up to Reading’s Gorse. Here they turned to the left and with Fenny Compton village on the right, ran through Mr McMickag’s spinney, across the road, and over Burton Hill, then the chase bore left-handed nearly reaching Arlescote. There the fox was headed; he eventually re-crossed the Banbury and Warwick Road going over Hunt’s Hill, and with Burton Village on the right, proceeded past the windmill, through the new covert and also the old covert. There the pilot bore sharply to the right, running over the hill, then he went round the hill, and got to ground close by Burton Church, after a splendid hunt of 80 minutes. The Ashploe spinney and Farnborough Fishponds did not hold any foxes but a Mollington Wood customer engrossed attention in the wood for some time. He was forced away at the bottom side and hunted over Warmington Hill, through Pages’ Gorse, then to the left eventually reaching Mollington Wood. After running through the wood, the fox continued through Mollington village and leaving Angel’s Place on the right, he went through Kilby’s Gorse and over Hanwell up to the Banbury Road and made good his escape after a slow hunt of about an hour.

Banbury Guardian, February 1914

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