Banbury Detachment of the National Reserve

March to Cropredy Vicarage

On Saturday night the members of this detachment had a march out to Cropredy, where they were entertained by the Rev. and Mrs. Maurice Maltby. Amongst those present were Colonel Lord North, Colonel Lord Saye and Sele, Major Maul, Captain Meikle, and Lieutenant C. J. Fortescue. With Major Maul in command, the detachment left about five o’clock, and headed by the bugle band of the Church Lads’ Brigade, marched along the Southam Road to Bourton and Cropredy, where they were then joined by Lord North and Lord Saye and Sele. At the Vicarage Grounds, bread and cheese and bottled ale or ginger beer were served out to each man, and an enjoyable half-hour was spent. Before departing, Lord Saye and Sele expressed the thanks of the detachment to Mr. and Mrs. Maltby for their kindness, and appealed for recruits from Cropredy and the district around, pointing out the importance of young men coming forward at the present moment of England’s trial and necessity. The Rev. Maurice Maltby spoke in similar terms, in response to the vote of thanks, and then the march home was commenced, the route being by Williamscote Hill and the Daventry Road through Grimsbury. On arriving at Banbury, the High Street was thronged with people who gave a hearty welcome home to the detachment. A word of praise is due to the Church Lads’ Brigade Band for the excellent way in which they played, and to Quartermaster-Sergeant Thomas for the able manner in which he had carried out the arrangements.

Banbury Guardian, September 1914

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