National Patriotic Association

The National Patriotic Association of which the King is the patron, have issued the following watchwords to influence public opinion in the direction of doing business as usual:

Trust in God.

Serve your country.

Be patriotic. Don’t be excited.

Be enthusiastic. Don’t be in a hurry.

Pass on. Do something. Don’t swell an idle crowd.

Shoulder your own share. Don’t put your responsibilities onto others.

In victory and defeat alike practice self-control. Don’t despair or “maffick.”

Learn to encourage and to be helpful. Don’t poor cold water or be content with criticism.

Be economical and insist on economy. Don’t waste anything or permit waste in your household or your business.

When spending money think how much good you can do to others. Don’t buy foreign goods if you can get British.

Do all you can to keep down the prices of commodities by buying less quantity than usual. Don’t allow any individuals or syndicates to corner, collect, or control necessaries for the poor, or things required by the forces.

Do all you can to provide employment for men and women. Don’t do anything which will increase the number of unemployed or make people objects of charity.

When it really becomes necessary to reduce expenses, put people on partial work and partial pay. Don’t discharge them and swell the ranks of the unemployed.

Take your servants and workpeople into your confidence and explain the position to them. Don’t be content with bald notices or drastic action.

Influence every single able-bodied young man in the country to volunteer immediately. Don’t allow any of them to be playing games if you can prevent them.

Keep their situations open for those who are serving their King and country, and don’t forget to see their dependants are provided for whilst they are away.

Banbury Guardian, August 1914

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