The New Warwickshire Bishopric


The Bishop of Worcester has caused to be issued a report of the progress which has been made towards the establishment of the new Warwickshire Diocese, compiled by the Rev. F.S. Coleman, to which the Bishop contributes a preface. The following shows the contributions of the several Warwickshire Dioceses:

Archdeaconry of Coventry – … Dassett Magna £514 3s. 7d. …

Archdeaconry of Warwick – … North Kineton £3,294 15s. 2d.; South Kineton £42 12s. 2d. …

The following are the details as to the parishes in the local Deaneries:

Deanery of Dassett Magna – Avon Dassett £17 6s.;  Bishops’ Tachbrook £4 10s.;  Burton Dassett £36 1s. 6d.;  Gaydon (with Chadshunt) £60;  Farnborough £152 19s. 9d.;  Fenny Compton £43 1s. 10d.;  Radway and Ratley £52 15s.;  Shotteswell £26 10s.;  Warmington £110 16s.;  Wormleighton £10 3s. 6d. …

Extract from Banbury Guardian, May 1915

The Edgcote Stud of Shire Horses


ORFOLD BLUE BLOOD. Sire Halstead Blue Blood, 27397, dam 53741 Easter Eve by Hendre Hydrometer 18022, at 15 GUINEAS, and 10 GUINEAS TENANT FARMERS. Groom’s fee 5/-.

STOCKMAN III. Sire Childwick Champion 22215, dam 55974 Barn Queen by Lenkinge Forest King 18857, at 5 GUINEAS; TENANT FARMERS 3 GUINEAS. Groom’s fee 2/6.


MONDAY – Leave Wardington 10 a.m. via Thorpe and on to Sulgrave (Mr. Cave, Rectory Farm) for the night.

TUESDAY – Leave Sulgrave 9 a.m. via Culworth and Eydon to “Rose and Crown” Byfield, for the night.

WEDNESDAY – Leave Byfield 9 a.m. via Charwelton to Helidon (Mr. J. Mors, Learn House) for the night.

THURSDAY – Leave Helidon 9 a.m. via Priors Marston and on to Fenny Compton (Mr. G. Cotterill, Wharf Road Farm) for the night.

FRIDAY – Leave Fenny Compton 9 a.m. via Cropredy to Wardington TILL MONDAY MORNING.

Railway Station – Banbury, G.W. and L. & N.W.

Apply to C.R.H. GRESSON, Wardington Gate Farm, Edgcote, Banbury, Northamptonshire.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915

Ratley League of Abstainers

In connection with the Kineton Wesleyan Circuit League of Abstainers, a meeting was held in the Wesleyan Chapel on Wednesday week, when Mr. Raymond Smith, of Kineton (League Secretary) presided. Mr. G.O. Tiley, of Kineton, made an appeal for all present to take the “King’s pledge”. Mr. R.R. Brown (Radway) and Mr. C. Cotterill (Ratley) also gave addresses. The choir rendered three selections in a creditable manner: Mr. Ernest England sang “The Dear Old Home”; Mr. Roland Morton sang “Let the lower lights be burning”; Miss Gladys Smith and Mr. R. Morton were associated in a duet “Abundantly able to save”. At the close of the proceedings six pledges were taken.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915

Burton Dassett


At the Kineton Police Court on Wednesday week, before Mr. Joseph Ashby, George Clarke, labourer, no fixed abode, was charged with being drunk in Banbury Road, Burton Dassett, on May 4th. P.C. Bayliss deposed that at 11.25 p.m. he found the defendant asleep on Hunt’s Hill, Burton Dassett. He found him to be drunk, and brought him to Kineton Police Station. Defendant expressed his contrition. He was fined 5s. inclusive, and allowed a fortnight in which to pay.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915



At the last meeting of the Stratford-on Avon Rural District Council, the inspector (Mr. Brook) said that drainage was required for some cowsheds in the occupation of Mr. W E Coles, at Kineton. A complaint was also received as to an accumulation of cow manure. This was a difficult matter to deal with, as the distance from the nearest dwelling-house was such as would affect a considerable number of places in the district if an order was made. He was glad to notice there were twenty-five head of fowls, as they destroyed the flies on the manure. The Chairman – “But it costs such a lot to keep poultry now.” The matter was left to the inspector to deal with.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915


The British First Army makes a successful attack between Richebourg l’Avoue and Festubert, breaking the German line over a two mile front and the following day make a further advance in the same region, capturing a large number of prisoners. The Germans evacuate the position they had occupied west of Yser Canal. While the German advance into Western Galicia had compelled the Russians to fall back to a new line on the San and evacuate the Carpathians the latter’s counterstroke in Eastern Galicia develops successfully and the Austrian army is reported to have retired precipitately beyond the Pruth, vigorously pursued.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915

The Government and the Farmers

Reduction of Stocks and Herds Undesirable

In a notice to farmers the Board of Agriculture say attention has been drawn to the fact that prevailing conditions are causing farmers to experience difficulty in maintaining a normal standard of production of their holdings, especially with regard to live stock. Shortage of labour and increased cost of feeding stuffs and high prices are tempting farmers to make immediate profit at the expense of future output. Many breeders are marketing stock before maturity, and several dairy farmers are reducing or disposing of herds to a regrettable extent. The slaughter of female animals suitable for breeding is particularly undesirable. The Board possess strong evidence that there is a tendency to fatten an unusual number of heifers, ewes and sows, and to send cows in calf and sows in pig to the butcher. This practice, if general, would seriously reduce flocks and herds. The Board trust that the production of milk for market will remain a primary consideration, and with this object the employment of women milkers might be greatly extended. The cost of pig feeding might be reduced by allowing them to run on grass. Another matter brought to the notice of the Board was the intention of some farmers to reduce the area of grass to be mown for hay. Any action of the kind would be most regrettable when the needs of the farm have to be considered, and also supplies for the army, which must be maintained at all costs.

Banbury Guardian, May 1915